About Master Gao

Master Gao (Shi Yan Xiang释延祥)三十四代少林寺武僧

Master Gao Xiang is a 34th generation Kung Fu Warrior. Master Gao got shaolin monk training at the renowned Shaolin Temple (河南少林寺)in China from 1995.

 After a long time of hard Martial Art training, Master Gao was selected to represent the Shaolin Temple to promote the culture of Shaolin Kung Fu and was invited to many countries around the world to perform and promoting learn Kung Fu. 

From 2002-2005, Master Gao performed in National Theatre in London and was invited to 

Shaolin Monk Training

participate at the Edinburgh International Festival(爱丁堡国际艺术节), representing the Shaolin temple to promote the culture of Kung Fu around European countries.
In October of 2006, Master Gao won 1st prize in China Zhengzhou second world Traditional Wushu Shaolin pole(国际第二届武术棍).
In 2007, Master Gao was invited to perform for “PEACE MISSION”(和平使命) and the SCO joint anti-terror military(反恐军事演习) exercise demonstration for national serviceman.
In 2008, Master Gao was assigned Songshan Shaolin Temple (河南嵩山少林寺)Martial Arts demonstration team coach.

Shaolin Monk Training

In 2009, Master Gao won 1st place in Henan province traditional Wushu competition (河南省传统武术锦标赛第一名)and was awarded the third Shenzheng Martial Arts competition(第三届功夫大赛).  In 2010, Master Gao led the “Shaolin Kung Fu Millennium” show touring Germany for three months(德国巡演).

From 2012 to 2016, Master Gao was invited to perform for Microsoft company and University of Washington(受邀于华盛顿大学,微软公司演出). 

In 2013, Master Gao received his 6th degree of Chinese Martial Arts, (中国武术六段),World Martial Arts Association member,(世界武术协会会员)。 

In 2014, Master Gao got 5th degree of Shaoshoudao Alliance Master black belt.(国际武术散手道联盟大师级黑带五段)

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Shaolin Yinshou Gun 少林阴手棍

Master Gao's performance

Master Gao was performance at Sammamish Chinese New Year Culture Center Jan 10th in 2018

Shaolin Jiu Jie Bian 少林九节鞭

Shaolin Mu Yang Bian 少林牧羊鞭

少林连环拳 Shaolin LIan Huan Quan

少林通背拳 Shaolin Tong Bei Quan

少林阴手棍 Shaolin Staff

七星螳螂拳 Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan

少林单刀 Shaolin Dan Dao

少林小洪拳 Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan

少林十三枪 Shaolin Shi San Qiang

少林太祖长拳 Tai Zu Chang Quan

Xiao Hong Quan

Xiao Hong Quan is one of  the hardest  form to training, But Master Gao did a fantastic job.