Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Youth class 青少年功夫课

Martial arts training is interactive and friendships are built through the many hours of training together, so our classes is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Every kid needs to have some form of discipline and it can be found in all of our classes.

2017 Kung Fu Live

At Microsoft for celebrating Asian Festival on Jan 21, 2017!

Video from 38th Championships

Belt test short cut

every one did a wonderful job

Kung Fu Demonstraton Live 2017

Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy got invitation to perform at Odle Middle School for celebrating Mul-ti Culture Night on May 4, 2017!

2015 Microsoft Demonstration

2014 Microsoft Kung Fu Live

2018 Demonstration at The Microsoft Asian Spring Festivel

2018 Celebrating Chinese New Year in Sammamish

2018 Jan performance in Seattle University

2018 Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy demo team were invited by Seattle University for celebrating Chinese New Year.

Demonstration at Ikea Performance Arts Center

Wei Claire