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February 24th


Let's Talk about Kung Fu!

Special Kung Fu Session


Kunpeng Liu is the 34th generation Shaolin Warrior and the 5th division of the Chinese Shaolin Wushu Association of China. Since childhood, Kunpeng Liu has been doing martial arts at the Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple under the discipleship of current Abbot Shi Yongxin. Kunpeng Liu is known for his nun-chuck forms, daggers, and stunt art. He won the nun-chucks, single staff and double staff champions at the Hong Kong International Wushu Festival in 2017. Also, Kunpeng Liu took the first place in the Tiger Boxing and Taizu Changquan division in the Wushu International Championship. We are pleased to invite him to attend the Shaolin Kung Fu Workshop hosted at Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy on February 24th, to share his incredible idea in nun-chuck hand forms and exemplify how to use it for self-defense.