Kung Fu Programs

Kids Kungfu (3-6YRS)

Kids Kungfu (3-6YRS) is the class that Master Gao works with very young children, whose ages are approximately at age 3+ years old.

The class cultivates kids' interests in learning Kungfu.

The class is mainly about passing on the teachings of Shaolin Kungfu basic hand forms and martial arts ethics, which includes unity, respect, brave, confidence, courage, discipline and integrity in a friendly environment.

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Kids Kungfu (7-12YRS)

Kids Kungfu (7-12YRS) is the class that Master Gao works with older kids. It is divided into two levels: Beginner and Intermediate.

For Beginner level, kids start classes with Shaolin Basic skills as well. For intermediate level, it shows that kids have achieved the standard for learning forms and weapons.  

The class mainly focus on improving kids' flexibility and endurance. The class requires more strictly and specifically. It focuses on develops kids' endurance and flexibility.

 Kids who participate Kungfu class, are able to grow with stronger body muscles and greater endurance. It is good for kids overall physical and mental health.

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Shaolin Kungfu (Teens/Adults)

Shaolin Kungfu (Teens/ Adults) is the class for teenagers and adults. It is divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

For Beginner, teens/ adults learn basic hand forms. Once teens/ adults progress to Intermediate level, they start to learn a higher level of hand forms and weapons. This progress makes sense to Advanced level as well.

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Tai Chi / Qi Gong 太极课

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal Martial Art system, which combines profound principles, theories and Martial art techniques.

The slow, soft and continuously flowing movements appear mysterious on the surface. However, it is the cultivation of one's internal energy, mind and the physical body that make it so unique and challenging.

Tai Chi practice requires a deep level of concentration and a focused mind.

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Demo Team / Lion Dance

Demo Team is the class we offer for  our students to develop more professional Shaolin skills.

Students who are in Demo Team, they learn better and faster than other students who are in the same levels with them.

However, not every student is able take this class. Students who want to participate in this class need to get permission from Master Gao.

Every year, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy get a lot of invitations for performing from Schools and Festivals. As students in Demo Team, they have chances of representing our school to perform with Master Gao outdoors.

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Stretching Exercise / Self-defense 拉伸运动· 自卫术

Stretching Exercise /  Self-defense is a class offered for adults who are interested in morning exercise. This class benefits to people who have busy schedule that can't work out very often. With doing stretching exercise, it helps you fresh your body and mind. Most importantly, helps you take a break from busy schedule. Most people are having difficulty to take night classes, therefore, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy open the morning classes.  Self-defense is a great part for adults to learn as well. With Master Gao's help, the movements of self-defense are very easy to remember and use. 

This class is available on every Tuesday and Thursday's morning, from 10am to 11am. 

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Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Summer Camp Program

 Kung Fu training benefits students in many ways. It instills a positive  and determined attitude for life, teaches important principles, and  builds a confident and outgoing character. It teaches students to be  respectful, united and polite to one another. It inspires ambition,  progress and achievement. Kung Fu also instills pride, which is very  important for kids. Pride boosts kids' confidence and builds trust in  themselves.


Chinese Language Learning is another program that our school offers to kids this summer. We have an international student from China who  teaches very formal Mandarin. I believe this program will be very  interesting for your kids if you want to see if they are interested in the Mandarin language. You will be very proud to hear and see them  speaking and writing in another  language. 

Math Tutoring is a program very much in demand. We provide a great  opportunity for your kids to catch up on math skills and improve before  schools starts up again. We also offer movie time for kids to relax and socialize. We encourage  them to make friends at our school! The schedules in kids' usual lives  are often too busy to have social time, sit down and have friendly  conversations and activities. Our movie time allows kids to have fun and  develop friendships together in a safe, supervised setting!   Overall. the summer programs that we offer are very helpful for your  kids, and we believe kids love them and have fun experience at our  school this summer!