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Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy offers a fun and comfortable environment to learn traditional Chinese Martial Arts, which includes self-defense , shaolin, Tai-chi and Chinese boxing while also achieving self-confidence, focus, inner-peace , respect, unity and physical fitness.  Our goal is to provide the authentic instruction and traditional weapons and discipline to help you  increase strength, movement, intelligence and focus.Our Master is  dedicated to teaching and developing all ages to achieve your goals , and we are offering chances to partcipate in competitions arould the world.We offer shaolin classes for children 3+, teens ,adults and seniors. This summer program consists of shaolin Kung Fu lessons , Chinese language teaching program and math tutoring. By the way, we offer movie time to have fun with you child . We believe this summer camp will benefit  your child a lot, including character development, discipline and self-esteem. As well, we host a variety of school break and summer camps for students.   

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Informations about Summer Camps & Programs

Programs we offer

Kids Kung Fu (3-6YRS)

Kids Kung Fu (3-6YRS) is the class that Master Gao works with very young children, whose ages are approximately at age 3+ years old.

The class cultivates kids' interests in learning Kung Fu.

The class is mainly about passing on the teachings of Shaolin Kung Fu basic hand forms and martial arts ethics, which includes unity, respect, brave, confidence, courage, discipline and integrity in a friendly environment.

Kids Kung Fu (7-12YRS)

Kids Kung Fu (7-12YRS) is the class that Master Gao works with older kids. It is divided into two levels: Beginner and Intermediate.

For Beginner level, kids start classes with Shaolin Basic skills as well. For intermediate level, it shows that kids have achieved the standard for learning forms and weapons.  

The class mainly focus on improving kids' flexibility and endurance. The class requires more strictly and specifically. It focuses on develops kids' endurance and flexibility.

 Kids who participate Kung Fu class, are able to grow with stronger body muscles and greater endurance. It is good for kids overall physical and mental health.

Shaolin Kung Fu (Teens/ Adults)

Shaolin Kung Fu (Teens/ Adults) is the class for teenagers and adults. It is divided into three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

For Beginner, teens/ adults learn basic hand forms. Once teens/ adults progress to Intermediate level, they start to learn a higher level of hand forms and weapons. This progress makes sense to Advanced level as well.

Tai Chi/ Qi Gong

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese internal Martial Art system, which combines profound principles, theories and Martial art techniques.

The slow, soft and continuously flowing movements appear mysterious on the surface. However, it is the cultivation of one's internal energy, mind and the physical body that make it so unique and challenging.

Tai Chi practice requires a deep level of concentration and a focused mind.

Demo Team / Lion Dance

Demo Team is the class we offer for  our students to develop more professional Shaolin skills.

Students who are in Demo Team, they learn better and faster than other students who are in the same levels with them.

However, not every student is able take this class. Students who want to participate in this class need to get permission from Master Gao.

Every year, Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy get a lot of invitations for performing from Schools and Festivals. As students in Demo Team, they have chances of representing our school to perform with Master Gao outdoors.

Chinese boxing and self-defense/ Morning Training/ Private class

Chinese boxing and Self-defense is the class we offer for teens and adults.

Chinese boxing combines full-contact kickboxing, which includes close range and rapid successive punches and kicks, with wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, kick catches, and in some competitions, even elbow and knee strikes.(Wikipedia)

The use of the right of self-defense as a legal justification for the use of force in times of danger is available in many jurisdictions, but the interpretation varies widely.(Wikipedia)

Morning Training is the class we offer  students chances to work out with Master Gao in the morning.

Private class is the class that Master Gao works with individual. 

Interested in a trail class

We offer free trail class for new students, if you are interested in Kung Fu Trail class or Tai Chi, please make an appointment with us !

Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy

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Details about MARTIAL ARTS


Chan is short for Chan-na, which was originally transliterated from Indian Dhyana and translated as meditative state, and it is also known as Zen, the equivalent term in Japanese. Dharma Master Bodhidharma initiated Chinese Chan Buddhism which “points directly to one’s mind and does not stand upon words” but stresses a “special transmission outside scriptures”. Through the efforts of second Patriarch Huike, third Patriarch Sengcan, fourth Patriarch Daoxin, fifth Patriarch Hongren and sixth Patriarch Huineng, Chan tradition finally turns to be the largest Buddhist school in China. As a result, Bodhidharma was honored as the first Patriarch of Chan Buddhism and Shaolin Temple renowned as the origin of Chan Buddhist.


Shaolin Kung fu refers to the traditional cultural system that has formed in the particular Buddhist cultural environment in Shaolin Temple of Songshan Mountain over long history. It is based on a belief in the supernatural power of Buddhism and fully reflects the wisdom of Chan Buddhism. The martial arts practiced by monks in the Shaolin Temple are its major form of expression.  Shaolin Kungfu encompasses complete technical and theoretical system, with martial arts and techniques as its major form of expression, and Buddhism belief and Chan wisdom as the cultural connotation.


医 HEAl

 Shaolin Chan Medicine can be traced back to the time when Shaolin Temple was founded. Owing to the temple's royal status, there were a large number of monks in the temple during that period. They sat in meditation all daylong without motion, which affected their blood circulation and led to many diseases. Then the monks began to practice martial arts except meditation and accumulate medical experience by taking advantages of abundant herbal resources in the Song Mountain and benefitting from the folk medical approaches. Finally, they studied many secret recipes and developed the Qigong therapy, massage therapy and pointing therapy which have the effects of physical fitness and medical treatment. Shaolin Medicine can cure various kinds of diseases, specialized in treating traumatic injuries, and has many divisions such as surgery and internal departments, which forms the featured culture of Shaolin Chan Medicine.