After School Program

Kung Fu, Academic Help, Fun Group Projects, Reading, Writing, etc.

           Shaolin Kung Fu Chan Academy offers a complete after school enrichment program in Bellevue and Redmond area for Elementary and Middle school students, including authentic Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu classes, trustworthy tutor service on homework, intense academic instructions on developing creative writing and public speaking skills in a positive, fun, safe and caring environment. For the past years, we have dedicated our care in building up children's confidence, concentration, creativity, and other positive personalities. We believe every child has his or her own uniqueness, and that is what we yearn to help them look for. All of our activities are group work in order to maintain a caring environment to every child. We focus on not just academic programs and Kung Fu training, but also on life skills and overall developments. We will always place our students at the first place. 

  • Activities

                     Learning Kung Fu help children be more Self-disciplined. It also helps deal with stress relief. Kung Fu training can ease tension, strengthen the body and help blood  circulation. Kung Fu impacts personal developments, such as positive personalities and confidence. Moreover, children who do Kung Fu show more concentration on things, show respects and learn the value of perseverance.

                    Besides Kung Fu, we also offer high quality academic help, including Mandarin and Math. We have great tutoring resources. Our tutor is a college student with excellent academic performance. Moreover, our tutor will engage in active play and collaborate on fun group projects, such as group reading and writing. In this process, children will develop their communication and social skills.

Schedule is based on Bellevue School District Calendar, no after school program for school breaks

Students will be drop off (By parents) or Picked up by us after regular school ends.

Students will be staying at our school until 6 pm. Regular Picking up time is 6:00pm - 6:30pm. Students have to picked up by legal appointed guardians. Legal document for picking up service is required to sign at first enrollment.

Picking up fee is included in monthly costs. NO additional picking up fee will be charged unless late notice within 12 hours prior. 

After School Price