Birthday Party

Group Kung Fu Demostration

Each K

    A Birthday Party begins with an exciting Kung Fu Demostration , which is performed by our amazing demo team students.

Individual Kung Fu Demostration


Besides group Kung Fu Demonstration, each demo team student demonstrates one specific hand form or weapon. From our past experience, this is the most interesting part, one of the highlight during the birthday party.

Birthday Food Time


All children gather together sitting at the table and enjoy the food. Generally, the organizer would bring Pizza, Fried Chicken, Cookies, Beverage, and other party foods. It is time for children enjoying food and playing games. 

Fun Kung Fu Lesson


After our demonstration, we offer a fun lesson to all children who come to the birthday party. They will be learning a simple hand form, and do some general Kung Fu Training. 

Do Kung Fu with Friends


This section gives each child an opportunity to enjoy a real Kung Fu Class. What's interesting is that if there is one child already been taking Kung Fu classes, other children will enjoy the atmosphere. 

Birthday Wishes


In the middle time, the birthday cake will be served. It is time for singing Happy Birthday Songs, giving birthday wishes and gifts, and having delicious cakes!